Announcing cities and artists for P.ink Day 2015

August 21, 2015 | 11:35:05 AM

P.ink Day 2015 is coming to 13 North American cities the weekend of 10/10/2015. We’ve enlisted 45 artists across our network to ink mastectomy tattoos for 45 remarkable breast cancer survivors. Follow live at: http://p-ink.org/p-inkday.

P.ink Day 2015

(Above: artist Darren Hall and survivor Jennifer R. at Rising Tide Tattoo, Boulder, P.ink Day 2014. Photo: Heidi Wagner Photography)

P.ink Day (“pea-ink day”) is our all-volunteer day of healing with ink. And more: it’s our make-a-wish day focused on an amazing experience for breast cancer survivors, which culminates with a mastectomy tattoo to help survivors reclaim some of the personal property that breast cancer stole.

P.ink created the first P.ink Day in October 2013 with ten artists and ten survivors at Saved Tattoo NYC. It was incredible. [Check the video.] Last year our second P.ink Day spread to 13 locations across North America, with 37 artists. Again, stellar. [Read more.] This year we’ve grown with 45 artists across our trusted network and 45 survivors in 13 cities listed below.

GIVE A SHOUT: #pinktattooday
Everyone involved with P.ink Day is donating their time, from artists to local leaders to the hundreds of others who make this possible. They deserve your applause. Use the hashtag #pinktattooday across all social media and give a shout.

We’ve made some changes this year to reinforce our emphasis on quality over quantity:

  • EXPANSION VIA MENTORSHIP. How will we grow? With trained talent. Anyone wishing to bring P.ink Day to their area must first participate as a volunteer in a prior P.ink Day.
  • REPUTATION EQUITY. All artists working with us must come recommended by other artists who have participated in a P.ink Day.
  • WATCH THE DATE. P.ink Day is the weekend of 10/10, rather than just on one day across the network. Locales will host their event on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday that weekend.
  • FOLLOW LIVE. For the first time you’ll be able to see all Instagram and Twitter posts across all 13 locations. We’re collecting and sharing them in real-time here: http://p-ink.org/p-inkday.


  • Survivors wishing to be considered for future P.ink Days sign up here: http://p-ink.org/signup. Demand is very high and we’re working on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Volunteers wishing to help at a P.ink Day in one of our 13 cities should email us: help@p-ink.org.
  • Anyone can donate to provide mastectomy tattoos the other 364 days of the year via the P.ink Fund. Visit http://p-ink.org.give to learn more.


Here we go. As a reminder to survivors who have applied via http://p-ink.org/signup: inclusion is first-come, first served. We will contact you directly if it’s your turn.

NEW YORK CITY / #pinktattoodayNYC
Local leaders: Azmina Karimi and Shayna Friedman.
Studio: 1228 Tattoo / http://www.1228tattoo.com/
Artists: Joy Rumore, Chris Wednesday, Dorothy Lyczek, Landon Morgan, Gianna Galli

BALTIMORE / #pinktattoodayBAL
Local leader: Megan Hartman
Studio: Rose Red Tattoo / http://www.roseredtattoomd.com/
Artists: Lisa Doll, Ella Trick, Anali de Laney, Halo

MILWAUKEE / #pinktattoodayMKE
Local leaders: Libby Castro and Ali Ebbers
Studio: Rockstar Tattoo / http://www.rockstartattoocompany.com/
Artists: Brock Baumgartner, David Allen, Jay Purdy, Rachelle Krischan

MINNEAPOLIS / #pinktattoodayMSP
Local leader: Mari Ruddy
Studio: Twilight Tattoo / http://www.twilighttattoo.com/
Artists: Joe Andrews, Matt Kolling, Erin Torola, Ariel Cafarelli, Reime Jahr, Alex Gregory

BOULDER, COLORADO / #pinktattoodayCOL
Local leaders: Stacia Franus, Karen Richards
Studio: Rising Tide Tattoo / http://tattooboulder.com/
Artists: Phill Bartell, Darren Hall, Danny Boy Carson, Melora Coyle, Shannon Purvis Barron

CALGARY / #pinktattoodayCGY
Local leader: Sondra Musa
Studio: Arthouse / http://www.thearthouseinc.ca/
Artists: Stacie-Rae Weir, Nina Gremo

MENDOCINO / #pinktattoodayMENDO
Local leader: Eva La Flamme
Studio: Voodoo Ink Tattoo / https://www.facebook.com/pages/Voodo-Ink/273836039386894
Artist: Amber Sanders

SAN FRANCISCO / #pinktattoodaySF
Local leader: Eva La Flamme
Studio: Black + Blue Tattoo / http://www.blackandbluetattoo.com
Artists: Kristy Quinones, Christopher Rogers

LOS ANGELES  / #pinktattoodayLA
Local leader: Molly Ortwein
Studio: Renaissance Studios / http://www.renaissance-studios.com/
Artists: Christian Marek, Allan Rivera, Josh Puckett, Brad Reis, Sancho, Rich Pineda, Kyle Loza

Local leader: Charisse Reeder
Studio: Knuckleheads Tattoo / https://instagram.com/knuckleheadtattoo/
Artists: Luis Martinez, Mike Salazar, Ray de la Cruz, Mike Martinez

Local leader: Kari Suarez
Studio: The Gilded Lily / http://gildedlilydesign.com
Artist: Holly Feneht

SAN DIEGO / #pinktattoodaySD
Local leaders: Liza Tuscano, Clarione Gutierrez, Toni Wallin
Studio: Garnet Tattoo / http://www.mastectomy.ink/
Artists: Shane Wallin, Holly Feneht

VANCOUVER ISLAND / #pinktattoodayVAN
Local leader: Samantha Rae
Studio: Sam R Tattoo Studio / http://www.samrtattoo.com/
Artists: Samantha Rae, Stephanie Melora

Say hello to the worker bees who have been toiling away to support each P.ink Day from afar. Time to shine a brighter light on them.

  • Communications/public relations: David Whitney (Boulder)
  • Art & copy: Courtney Bowditch (Los Angeles) and Liza Behles (Los Angeles)
  • Legal/biz affairs: Daphne Papadopulos (Miami) and Lindsay Wakabayashi (Dallas)
  • Operations: Jenna Thompson (Boulder) and Noel Franus (Boulder)
  • Artist advisors: Friday Jones (NYC), Stacie-Rae Weir (Calgary), Shannon Purvis Barron (Columbia, SC)
  • Local leader advisors: Mari Michelle Ruddy (Minneapolis), Diane de Jesús (London/NYC), and Azmina Karimi (NYC)

P.ink / Personal Ink was created and is maintained by a team of volunteers, most of whom worked together at CP+B, an ad agency in Boulder, Colorado that seeded our efforts. What started off as a passion project on Pinterest and YouTube in 2013 has grown into a movement that’s changing the culture of healing. As the conversation about mastectomy tattoos has grown, P.ink has gained traction and a global following. Today, the independently run organization is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) charity, and our remote, all-volunteer team leads event coordination, product development and marketing. In addition to organizing P.ink Day in North America, we also organize the P.ink Fund [http://p-ink.org/give] a donation service which pays experienced tattoo artists to provide mastectomy tattoos the other 364 days of the year. P.ink is in the process of securing 501(c)(3) status and will be growing internationally in 2016. Email help@p-ink.org with questions or comments.

Visit: http://p-ink.org
Donate: http://p-ink.org/give
Browse designs and find an artist: http://pinterest.com/personalink
Try on a tattoo: http://p-ink.org/inkspiration
Connect with others: https://www.facebook.com/PersonalInk

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