Be Prepared For The 2019 Sign-Up

August 8, 2019 | 4:19:49 PM

We have a number of pre-requisites that all applicants must agree to in order to qualify for consideration. The reason for this is that we want to make sure that you and your artist are in a position to have the very best experience and outcomes from this special day. If you have to disagree with any of the statements, we encourage you to try again another year, when and if your circumstances change.

In addition, you will be asked to submit a minimum of 5 images of design ideas for your tattoo, and provide a description with additional information. A great resource for this is to search Instagram and other social media onĀ #mastectomytattoo. You will find many hundreds of beautiful designs that can help guide you to narrow down choices to submit with your application. We suggest beginning to gather images and give this most important consideration thought now, so you will be ready when the signup opens, and have images on hand to upload to the application!

We will also need a minimum of 2 photos of your “canvas” – the area that you are looking to cover – one of which should be a full frontal view. Again, it’s a good idea to get these lined up now, so that you can complete the application all at once.

Lastly, we’ll be asking you to write a bit about what a mastectomy tattoo would mean to you. Another thing you can start giving thought to now. Remember recipients are chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis and only those with completed applications and that meet the qualifications will be considered for selection. Sign-up closes August 17th, 2019 and all recipients will be notified no later than September 9th, 2019.

We can’t wait for your submissions, be sure to find us on Facebook at Personal Ink for more info and updates!

With love,

The P.ink Team








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