Funding year-round tattoos

February 23, 2014 | 3:43:27 AM

Until now, donations have gone to support making P.ink Day happen. But not everyone in need can make it to that event on that day. The demand for help extends far beyond one day a year. So from here on out, all P.ink donations will benefit mastectomy tattoos anytime, anywhere.

The P.ink network
Starting now, we are assembling a small network of 5-10 pre-screened artists across the country. Your donations at http://p-ink.org/give will help tattoo-seekers book time with our approved artists, so that more tattoos can happen whenever it is convenient for both the survivor and the artist. The money is used to pay artist fees.

P.ink Day in the future
Our next P.ink Day will be on 10/10/2014. There won’t be any money changing hands at the actual event. Local P.ink Days are all-volunteer efforts of love???including participating artists, photographers, studio-owners, taxis, etc.

Our hope is that this new model will help us impact more survivors, in more places, on any day of the year.

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