How to Apply: Change is Coming

August 29, 2018 | 12:34:17 AM

Big changes ahead: starting immediately, we’re changing our application process for those who wish to participate in P.ink Day. In short: we’re speeding things up and removing a lot of the question marks that can arise along the way.

In six years of organizing P.ink Days, we have facilitated about 50 mastectomy tattoos annually as part of an amazing, survivor-focused experience spanning multiple cities across North America. Our goal has always been to raise awareness of mastectomy tattoos — to give survivors more options for reclaiming some of the power that breast cancer can steal after a mastectomy.

That goal has been met. Over six years, our application list had grown to more than 1,500 hopefuls.* Due to overwhelming demand we had to pause the application process.

Good news: we’re opening things up. But with a twist.

From here on out, we’re opening a limited window of time each year for P.ink Day applications for our participating cities. That window is open now, and will remain open for one week until September 9 at 12 p.m. EST / 9 a.m. PDT. Those who act apply quickly once the window opens will have the best opportunity for selection. If you’re indeed selected for this year’s P.ink Day events, congratulations! If you don’t make it we’ll need you to try again next year.

Once again: going forward we will now be taking yearly applications for specific participating cities, first come, first serve. If you are selected for consideration, you will be contacted by your city’s local leader. If you are not selected, you will need to apply again the following year.

We are hoping this gives everyone an opportunity at a chance to get tattooed in a timely manner. No more waiting on the list for years, wondering if we’ll you’ll hear back.

You probably know by now we’re an all-volunteer team. Which means we do this out of love in our spare time. Being nimble requires us to improvise and experiment. Let’s hope this experiment sticks.

Love from all of us at P.ink.

* Our volunteers have made every effort to contact and accommodate as many applicants as possible from our previous list, using the contact details we have from each applicant and given the constraints of limited P.ink Day locations.


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