Update: P.ink Day Details for 2014

September 26, 2014 | 6:56:33 PM

Our cities, artists and all other key details for P.ink Day on October 10, 2014 are just about official. Here’s a revised list of those details.

  1. Boulder/Denver. Local leader: Stacia Franus. Artists: Friday Jones, Darren Hall, Phill Bartell, Melora Coyle. Location: Rising Tide Tattoo, Boulder.
  2. Brooklyn/NYC. Local leader: Diane de Jesus. Artists: Ashley Love, Joy Rumore, Kelly Torres, Gianna Galli, Landon Morgan and Brittany Bauza. Location: Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn.
  3. Calgary, Alberta. Local leader: Saundra Shapiro. Artists: Stacie-Rae Weir, Nina Gremo. Location: Compassionate Beauty, Calgary.
  4. Columbia, SC. Local leader: Shannon Purvis Barron. Artists: Shannon Purvis Barron, Stephanie Melora, Baylen Levore. Location: Indigo Rose Tattoo Studio, Columbia.
  5. Los Angeles. Local leader: Molly Ortwein. Artists: James MacDonald, Mike Devries, James Strickland, Christian Marke. Location: Renaissance Studio, San Clemente.
  6. Maryland. Local leader: Megan Hartman. Artists: Ella Trick, Lisa Doll, Anali De Laney. Location: Rose Red Tattoo, Ellicott City.
  7. Milwaukee. Local leaders: Libby Castro and Jeni Tate. Artists: David Allen, Rachelle Krischan, Brock Baumgartner, Ashley Neumann. Location: Rockstar Tattoo.
  8. Minneapolis. Local leader: Mari Ruddy. Artists: Shane Wallin, Erin Torola, Chelsea Louviere, Ariel Cafarelli, Joe Andrews, Matt Kolling. Location: Twilight Tattoo, Minneapolis.
  9. Redlands, CA. Local leader: Charisse Reeder. Artist: Luis Martinez. Location: Knuckleheads Tattoo, Redlands.
  10. San Diego. Local leaders: Liza Tuscano and Clarione Gutierrez. Artist: Holly Feneht. Location: Guru Tattoo, San Diego.
  11. San Francisco. Local leader: Eva Laflamme. Artists: Samantha Mancino, Kristina Quinones. Locations: Black and Blue Tattoo/SF, Clubhouse Tattoo/Oakland.
  12. Vancouver. Local leader: Catherine Easdown. Artist: Samantha Rae. Location: Compassionate Beauty, Vancouver.

A refresher: P.ink Day 2014 is our second annual all-volunteer effort to connect tattoo artists and survivors for a day of healing with tattoos. Local leaders help facilitate this one-of-a kind experience, and artists who are experienced with mastectomy tattoos deliver the exceptional goods to change a life for the better.

Follow all the action leading up to P.ink Day on our Pinterest board: http://www.pinterest.com/personalink/pink-day/.

Here’s a look at last year’s inaugural, single-location event at Saved Tattoo in NYC.

Thank you for stepping up

We’re proud of these local leaders, artists and others helping out. It takes a ton of work pulling this together and we’re grateful they’re stepping up to make it an incredible day.

Many thanks to the hundreds of you who have reached out to participate. If we haven’t tapped you to help this year, we hope to have you on board in 2015. This is an embarrassment of riches; earlier this year we had a plan that we believed allowed for easy growth/scalability for P.ink Day 2014, and it looked like 25 cities may come online. Your response to help out was overwhelming. Literally. So we’re taking a breath and adopting a slower, more manageable path to growth to ensure the best possible experience for our participating survivors.

Get involved. Here’s how:

  • Hug a survivor. Then hug a tattoo artist. Life will instantly get better.
  • If you’re a survivor looking to participate in any P.ink related activities, sign up here.
  • Donate to the P.ink Fund: http://p-ink.org/give. All money donated goes to pay artists’ fees for mastectomy tattoos the other 364 days a year.
  • Help us find more tattoo artists who have mastectomy experience. This is the biggest unmet need: most survivors don’t know where to go when they’re contemplating a mastectomy tattoo. If you know of one, let us know so we can list them in our directory.
  • Spread the word. Share this page or point people to our Pinterest account or Facebook account.

Thanks for all your support.

And a special thanks to our artist advisors Shannon Purvis-Barron, Stacie-Rae and Friday Jones.

– Noel, Jenna, Azmina, David, Diane, Megan, Shannon, Libby, Jeni, Mari, Stacia, Saundra, Goldie, Eva, Charisse, Molly, Liza and the rest of the P.ink team.

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