P.ink Day is a Wrap

December 1, 2014 | 9:06:06 PM

What a day! P.ink Day 2014 is in the books. 12 locations, 37 artists and 38 survivors. In a word, we are: grateful. Here are some of the videos and links to pics that help tell the story.

In early 2013 we launched P.ink on Pinterest, along with Molly’s story, to shine a light on tattoos as a viable option for survivors looking to heal.

Later that year, we stepped it up by organizing the first P.ink Day — connecting 10 supremely skilled artists with 10 brave survivors in New York City. Here’s the video:

One year later, we expanded. P.ink Day on 10/10/2014 involved 12 local leaders and hundreds more volunteers and donors, helping a total of 37 artists helped 38 survivors heal with ink on our second annual #pinktattooday.

We’re thankful to the survivors who have taken this step with us. To artists who have joined us. To the people of CP+B who created and continue to invest time and talents. And all the volunteers whose names don’t appear in lights but who quietly work to improve the dignity of life. All of you are helping change the culture of healing.

Below are a handful of select videos. For the complete set of pics and videos, visit our P.ink Day on Pinterest site. Also, we’re featuring all 37 of our P.ink Day artists, one at a time, over at our Facebook site.

What about 2015? Plans are cooking. Stay tuned. If you’d like to be considered as a participating survivor, let us know.

P.ink Day Milwaukee at Rockstar Tattoo. Artists: David Allen, Brock Baumgartner, Ashley Neumann, Rachelle Krischan. Local leaders: Libby Castro, Jeni Tate and Sam Noll. (Libby and Jeni were volunteers in 2013 as well.)


P.ink Day Maryland at Rose Red Tattoo. Artists: Lisa Doll, Ella Trick, Anali De Laney. Local leader: Megan Hartmann (who was a P.ink Day 2013 participant – see Megan on HuffPostLive.)


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P.ink Day Minneapolis at Twilight Tattoo. Artists: Shane Wallin, Erin Torola, Chelsea Louviere, Ariel Cafarelli, Joe Andrews, Matt Kolling. Local leader: Mari Ruddy, who also joined us at P.ink Day 2013 as a recipient.

More cities include…

P.ink Day Boulder at Rising Tide Tattoo. Artists: Friday Jones, Darren Hall, Phill Bartell, Melora Coyle. Local leader: Stacia Franus. NEWS CLIP: Check this 9News story on Boulder’s P.ink Day featuring Friday and her survivor Karen.

P.ink Day Calgary at Compassionate Beauty. Artists: Stacie-Rae Weir and Nina Gremo. Local leader: Saundra Shapiro.

P.ink Day Columbia, SC at Indigo Rose Tattoo. Artists: 2013 alum Shannon Purvis-Barron, Stephanie Melora and Baylen Levore. NEWS CLIP: We love this WLTX story on Shannon, 2013 participant alum Cherie and their P.ink Day.

P.ink Day Los Angeles at Renaissance Studios. Artists: James MacDonald, Mike Devries, James Strickland and Christian Marek. Local leader: Molly Ortwein, who is our inspiration for creating P.ink. NEWS: Watch this terrific NBC LA story on the Los Angeles P.ink Day.

P.ink Day NYC at Gristle Tattoo. Artists: 2013 alums Ashley Love and Joy Rumore, Kelly Torres, Gianna Galli, Landon Morgan, Brittany Bauza. Local leaders: Diane de Jesus (another 2013 recipient alum) and Azmina Karimi (who’s been with P.ink from the start).

P.ink Day Redlands, CA at Knuckleheads Tattoo. Artist: Luis Martinez. Local leader: Charisse Reeder — another huge P.ink advocate after her own P.ink Day transformation in 2013.

P.ink Day San Diego at Guru Tattoo. Artist: Holly Feneht. Local leaders: Liza Tuscano and Clarione Gutierrez.

P.ink Day San Francisco and Oakland at Black and Blue Tattoo and ClubHouse Tattoo. Artists: Samantha Mancino and Kristina Quinones. Local leader: Eva Laflamme AKA The Tattoo Tourist.

P.ink Day Vancouver at Compassionate Beauty. Artist: Samantha Rae. Local leader: Cathie Easdown.


Thank you for all that you do. If you’re moved by what we’ve done, consider gifting a mastectomy tattoo: http://p-ink.org/give.

– Noel and the P.ink team



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