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August 19, 2015 | 11:36:00 PM

So, you’re interested in a mastectomy tattoo. We’re excited to have you join the P.ink family. This is the official form for expressing your interest as a beneficiary of either the P.ink Fund or future P.ink Days.

Eleven things you should know before we begin:

  1. A tattoo is forever.
  2. Consult your doctor(s) before considering a tattoo.
  3. Make sure your body is ready for this. Many survivors need at least 18 months after their operation before their skin is ready for a tattoo. But everyone’s different. Again, consult your doctor.
  4. Work with artists who are experienced with mastectomy tattoos, who have demonstrated strength with complicated skin issues, and who have the utmost respect of their peers. This is not for beginner artists. We’ve curated a list of artists who are known to have mastectomy experience here.
  5. Insist upon service. The relationship between you and your artist is critical; this person plays a key role in helping you move on after a mastectomy. Only proceed with them if you’re absolutely comfortable doing so.
  6. P.ink cannot promise you or anyone a tattoo. Demand is incredibly high. This one’s important: it may be a year or more before you hear back from us, if at all.
  7. For that reason we encourage survivors to first seek their own arrangements with an artist, independently of and with no financial contribution from P.ink. It’s much faster, and we really like the idea of survivors taking matters into their own hands.
  8. This form is the only way that P.ink will accept your interest in being a beneficiary of the P.ink Fund or future P.ink Days.
  9. P.ink works with survivors and previvors. From our perspective, a mastectomy is a mastectomy.
  10. If you have already submitted your information, we have it. No need to re-submit.
  11. After you fill out this form, no need to wonder or ask about your status. We will lovingly store your information until your big moment. If and when your opportunity arises, we will contact you.

That was fun. Ready to move forward? Tell us about yourself below.

Any questions, email: help@p-ink.org, and someone from our all-volunteer group of P.inksters will get back to you.


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