P.ink sign-up changes

September 9, 2016 | 10:00:00 AM

News: as of today, we have chosen to no longer accept new submissions regarding inclusion for P.ink Day and the P.ink Fund. It’s a tough choice for the right reasons. Here’s why.

Our P.ink Day and P.ink Fund programs have been very well received. Since we launched them, more than 1,500 of you from around the world have asked to join us as a beneficiary participant. We’ve helped facilitate 100+ mastectomy tattoos, and all slots for the next few years of P.ink Days are already reserved.

In short: we’ve devised a solution that’s so popular, we can’t possibly meet demand for the next few years (barring a generous gift from Oprah).

So we’re choosing to focus on addressing that demand, rather than set unrealistic expectations. It’s what any responsible business would do.

Here’s why that’s exciting to us: we’ve struck a chord, now we must scale. Let’s kick things into high gear. If you believe in our work, please support it. Make a donation. Share our vision. (Especially with the Oprahs of the world.)

And don’t forget: these P.ink-approved artists are always available for hire, independent of us.

A final thought. We launched P.ink in 2013 with one mission: to change the culture of healing. Doing so required experimenting with a new model. It’s now time to experiment again, and that’s what we’re doing behind the scenes. Stay tuned: visit our site, check our Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Love, from all of us at P.ink.



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