The Next P.ink Day is 10/10/2014

February 23, 2014 | 3:45:39 AM

This year’s P.ink Day will be October 10, 2014.

Last year was a huge success it was truly a transformative event. (You’ve seen the video, right? Check these amazing pictures too).

Still, last year was a prototype experience. We learned from it and the plan is to make our next P.ink Day even better.

So here’s the deal for 2014:

  • P.ink Day will be on 10/10 this year and every year, forever.
  • Expected (but still unofficial) locations include: New York, Toronto, Columbia, SC, Chicago/Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Los Angeles. We’re also exploring the possibility of Miami, Denver and San Francisco. Update 8/13: an official list of cities is here.
  • These local P.ink Days will be all-volunteer efforts of love; including participating artists, photographers, studio-owners, taxis, etc. All donations for P.ink Day will be in kind-donations of time, goods or services.
  • Any financial donations will go to help survivors on the other 364 days of the year. Read about it here.

Update 8/13/14: We appreciate your interest in participating in P.ink Day 2014. Entries are now closed. Click here, for our official list of cities.

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