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January 14, 2015 | 4:04:10 PM

Most breast cancer survivors are told they have two options following a mastectomy: to get reconstruction or not. That’s it. As you might imagine, there’s more to the story. Watch this Associated Press video:

We believe in a third option — one that works with either scenario. It’s one that can help millions of survivors make friends with the mirror again, despite the scars that a mastectomy leaves behind, and which plastic surgery often doesn’t solve. And it’s the only option that puts completely gorgeous, bold and unapologetic creative control back into the hands of the survivors who need it most.

That option is mastectomy tattoos. And that’s our specialty.

P.ink / Personal Ink is an international organization that helps breast cancer survivors reclaim some of the personal property that breast cancer stole. We provide design inspirations, connections to artists who can help, and we also fund tattoos by experienced artists we trust.

What started as a nights-and-weekends passion project by some clever folks at CP+B has grown into a global movement. Our network leverages the strengths of local leaders, tattoo artists and other creatives in North America and beyond.

If you’re good at supporting change in the world, we’re good at making it. Donate to P.ink now, or learn more about becoming a survivor participant. And take a very real, powerful step in changing the culture of healing.


– Noel and the P.ink team

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