The Inkspiration App by P.ink

October 1, 2014 | 1:00:49 PM

A new tool for life after a mastectomy. Breast cancer survivors are often told they have two options following a mastectomy: reconstruction or not. Most of the time, neither option can conceal the scars that often mark the experience. That’s why we at P.ink created the Inkspiration app by P.ink — to help survivors make friends with the mirror again after a mastectomy.

Inkspiration_AppTry on your own tattoo. In private. Inkspiration offers survivors a way to try on mastectomy tattoos in the privacy of their own home. Select a body type or upload a photo to get a better idea of what designs might look like. Inkspiration houses a growing library of tattoo inspirations and helps survivors identify and connect to tattoo artists who have mastectomy experience.

An empowering step in taking back control. Most survivors have no idea where to begin when they consider a mastectomy tattoo, especially if they’re not a “tattoo person.” We created the app to demystify things — to show them what a tattoo might look like on them. And to point them towards the artists who can help them move on after a mastectomy. Download the Inkspiration app for iPhone now.

Release notes:

  • iPhone only for now. Android version is in the works.
  • Future feature: order temporary tatts directly from our app.
  • Are you a survivor or a previvor? We’d love to hear what you think. Leave a review or drop a line: help@p-ink.org.
  • Would you like to donate your illustrations to our image library? Send your hi-res vector files to help@p-ink.org.
  • The Inkspiration app by P.ink is created with love by the people of CP+B.
  • Tattoo illustrations: Aimee Brodbeck, Courtney Bowditch, Matt McVeigh, Miranda Miller and Albert Breitweiser.

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