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We offer the Angel Fund year-round for people seeking closure through art. Through education and connection with experienced tattoo artists, we are committed to ensuring that breast cancer never has to leave the last mark.


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What is the Angel Fund?

The Angel Fund fills the gap for people who are unable to attend a Day, but are looking for closure through art. By connecting individual recipients with trusted artists to get a free tattoo after a mastectomy, the Fund aims to serve people who don’t live near a Day location or are otherwise unable to apply for a Day. Our goal is to fund one tattoo per month throughout the year.

“After my tattoo, I felt like I was on top of the world. I felt so amazing. It was a sigh of relief.”

— Christell Hicks, recipient

Who is eligible?

If you have had a mastectomy, are interested in covering your scars with a tattoo, and you meet all of our program criteria, but are unable to pursue this healing experience on your own, you are eligible to apply to become a Angel Fund recipient.

Who are the artists? Angel Fund tattoos are completed by talented and trained tattoo artists who are experienced in tattooing over scar tissue successfully. With the Angel Fund, you can pick an artist you’d like to work with from our Artist Directory using the “ Angel Artist” tag. All artists in the directory have been vetted and are ready to help make this your final breast cancer chapter.

Applying for the Angel Fund

The Angel Fund is unique in that it allows people to apply for themselves or nominate a loved one. We recognize that women in particular can find it hard to prioritize their wants and needs, so we’ve created a way to nominate the remarkable woman in your life who you think could benefit from a tattoo.

How to Nominate a Loved One

If you are interested in nominating your loved one for the Angel Fund, please complete this form. After we review your nomination, we will reach out to the nominee to learn more about them, make sure they meet our qualification criteria, and determine which artist they’re interested in working with. Thank you for nominating your loved one for this life-changing experience!

Note: Before nominating someone, we encourage you to review the Angel Fund qualification criteria below to ensure the nominee qualifies to the best of your knowledge, as well as our Artist Directory to confirm there are verified artists in your loved one’s area.

How to Apply for Yourself

Are you ready to apply to the Angel Fund for yourself? Here’s what you need to do.

1. Check the Criteria.

Confirm you meet the Angel Fund criteria. If you don’t meet all of the criteria, we encourage you to try again in the future if/when your circumstances change.

2. Pick a Style

Decide what style of tattooing you’re interested in by reviewing the Tattoo 101 section.

3. Find an Artist

Search our Artist Directory to identify verified artists near you who are skilled in the style of tattoo you’re interested in getting. Only artists with the “ Angel Artist” tag in the Directory may be chosen. If you don’t find an artist who is located near you or whose work you like in the Directory, we encourage you to check back occasionally as we are always adding new qualified artists. If you know of an artist in your area who you want to work with but who is not currently in our Directory, please encourage them to complete this form. If they meet our artist standards and are interested in being a Artist, we’ll add them to the Directory and you can apply to get a tattoo from them at that point.

4. Apply

Complete an application! We accept applications for the Angel Fund on a rolling basis.

5. Be Patient

Wait patiently while we review your application. You will get a confirmation email after you submit your application. However, we are unable to respond to inquiries about your submission or acceptance while we review.

6. Get an Answer

A representative will let you know if your application has moved forward and if your requested tattoo artist is available. It may take up to 2-3 weeks after you submit an application to hear back from us.


I want to apply for myself Angel Fund Criteria

  • You are not able to attend any of the Day events that take place every year where you could apply to receive a complimentary mastectomy tattoo and you do not have the resources to obtain one on your own.
  • You have had a mastectomy (single or bilateral) and are seeking a decorative tattoo over your mastectomy site.
  • You understand that does not provide nipple/areola tattoo(s), side or under-breast tattoos, or port or TRAM scar tattoos as part of the Angel Fund.
  • You are at least two years out from your last surgery and have no pending surgeries. Note that some scars can take longer to heal and it will be up to the tattoo artist to determine whether they can achieve a good outcome for you or whether it would be better for you to wait.
  • You do not have any existing decorative tattoos on your chest area (between the base of your neck and your bra line). Existing nipple/areola tattoos are okay.
  • You agree that you will receive a tattoo that can be completed in 5-6 hours. A good frame of reference is a medium open-hand sized tattoo. If you want more than that, it is your responsibility to make those arrangements ahead of time with your artist, including offering to pay for additional sessions and informing my Representative of those arrangements. You also understand that my artist may not be available to schedule any additional appointments immediately.
  • You understand that you will see your draft tattoo design the day of your tattoo appointment and the opportunity for adjustments will be available at that time. This is standard practice in the tattoo industry. Prior to your appointment, there will be a phone/video or in-person consultation with your artist to discuss your design ideas. Your artist is the expert and will have the final say on design composition and placement as they understand what will work best with your body and scars.
  • You understand that a Representative will be your main point of contact and will facilitate communication and scheduling between you and your artist. You will not reach out directly to your artist until you’re officially connected to them by a Representative.
  • You understand that will contact your preferred artist to confirm their interest, availability, and ability to execute on your style preferences. There may be times when an artist may not be able to participate in this program, for reasons including, but not limited to, changed location, inability to schedule within 3 months, and inability to execute the desired style of tattoo.
  • You agree that you will not contact any artists independently regarding your nomination, application, or for any other reason related to the Angel Fund program.
  • You understand that your tattoo session may not be private and may occur while other clients and/or artists are in the shop.
  • You understand that you may not be able to bring additional guests to your tattoo session depending on the shop’s guest guidelines.
  • You agree that photos will be taken of your tattoo by the artist for verification purposes for their reimbursement. These photos may also be used by Fuck Cancer and/or Personal Ink for marketing purposes. If you prefer that your face not be visible publicly, please advise your representative in writing before your session.
  • You agree to be interviewed by after your session and understand that quotes from that interview and images of your tattoo may be used for promotional purposes.


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