P.ink Day 2017 is Here!

October 4, 2017 | 3:56:04 PM

We’re proud to announce five years of P.ink Days this October. That’s five straight years of survivors reclaiming the mirror after a mastectomy, one tattoo at a time, with the help of many amazing artists and volunteers.

Let’s get to the details for 2017: 13 cities this year, 66 survivors and previvors, 68 artists. Two new locations this year: Columbus and Portland. And we’re very pleased to have Redlands, California back this year, too. Welcome!

One last number worth sharing: 234. That’s our five-year total for the survivors we’ve directly helped heal with ink since our first P.ink Day in Brooklyn 2013. Now most of the time, we measure success by the scope of our cultural impact rather than the canvases produced…but…two hundred thirty-four is mind-blowing. Kudos to everyone who’s grown this into a true movement. If you’d like to get involved with P.ink Day in the future, read on.

P.ink Day Baltimore 2016, Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery

Cities, artists and dates for P.ink Day 2017

Artists: Phil Bartell, Darren Hall, Danny Boy Carson, Bill Folk
Local leader: Jillian Hart, Karen Richards
Studio: Rising Tide Tattoo Emporium
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/p.inkboulder/

Artist: Samantha Rae
Local leader: Samantha Rae
Studio: Sam R Tattoo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pink-Vancouver-835697123194093/

MINNEAPOLIS, OCTOBER 8 (fourth year)
Artists: Joe Andrews, Erin Torola, Matt Kolling, Allison Pegoraro, Emilie Robinson, Julie Freeland, Trevor Aarsvold, Aaron Matthews, Alex Gregory, Jamie Thomas, Jerome James, Helena Amor
Local leaders: Mari Ruddy, Kathy Ingraham
Studio: Twilight Tattoo, Evolution Tattoo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinktattoodaymsp

Artists: Carrie Smith-Sommer, Jared Hunter, Willis Van Pelt, Erica Kraner
Local leaders: Aimee Brodbeck, Michelle Borgese
Studio: New Rose Tattoo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/P.inkPortland

Artists: Luis Martinez, Juan Salazar, Sharleen Booker, David Vargas, Ahmed Bellozo aka Fly, Ray De La Cruz
Local leader: Charisse Reeder-Aragon
Shop: Knuckleheads Tattoo Parlor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/942633342556446

SAN DIEGO, OCTOBER 8 (third year)
Artists: Shane Wallin, Landon Morgan
Local leaders:Toni Wallin, Liza Tuscano
Studio: Garnet Tattoo / Mastectomy Tattoo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinkdaySD/

NEW ORLEANS, OCTOBER 10 (second year)
Artists: Terry Brown, Joe Radnik, Jason Ryan, Brandon LeBoeuf, Ed Dieringer, Scott Barbier, Chris De Angel, Lori Cataldo
Local leaders: Haley Waldner, Lor Bergent, Friday Jones
Studios: Downtown Tattoo, Electric Ladyland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinkneworleans

LOS ANGELES, OCTOBER 14 (fourth year)
Artists: Holly Feneht, Fabiola Correa
Local leader: Sherri Rosenthal
Studio: The Gilded Lily
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PinkDayLosAngeles

COLUMBUS, OHIO, OCTOBER 15 (first year)
Artists: Ben Chambers, Matt Carlisle, Jay Blevins, Charlene “Cheech,” Cary Aldridge
Local leader: Dave Bowen
Studio: Short North Tattoo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/p.inkdaycolumbus/

DENVER, OCTOBER 18 (second year)
Artists: Aries Rhysing, Graham Niles, Gina Ilczyszyn, Zach Donn, Jayce Wallingford, Jamie Beach
Local leader: Karen Richards
Studio: All Sacred Tattoo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/p.inkdenverCO/

Artists: Aaron Tingey, Nik Flores, Alicia Schwarz, Christopher Robin, Aaron Newton
Local leader: Krystin Jones
Studios: Red Peony Studios, Bleeding Black Tattoo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/p.inkwashingtonstate/

MONTREAL, OCTOBER 23 (second year)
Artists: Meaghan Goeb, Julie Lecuyer, Jonathan Bourassa, Amelie Fleury
Local leader: Karen Malkin-Lazarovitz, Maggie Ciarlelli
Studios: Private Tattoo Montreal
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PinkdayMontreal

BALTIMORE, OCTOBER 28 (fourth year)
Artists: Halo Gray, Danny Bayron, Jackie Sabur, Lydia Bruno, Katilyn Stockon, Merv Heiner, Dan Curry, Larry Hardesty, Inky McStapleface (Crystal Callahan)
Local leader: Megan Hartman
Studio: Black Lotus Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/p.inkbaltimore/


P.ink Day San Diego 2016, Garnet Tattoo

What is P.ink Day?

Most breast cancer survivors are told they have two options after a mastectomy: reconstruction or no reconstruction. We believe survivors deserve a third option that most aren’t familiar with: tattoos, for scar coverage, scar adornment or nipple replacement. One way we at P.ink make this option accessible is by mobilizing local communities via P.ink Day: a private, annual, curated experience in which local volunteers connect survivors with experienced artists, who donate their time and provide a complimentary tattoo.

P.ink Day NYC 2016, Trinity Tattoo Collective

More than a tattoo.

P.ink Day (pronounced “pea-ink day”) is more than a tattoo. It’s an expression of love. We focus on the survivor’s experience in every moment, start to finish. P.ink Day was launched in 2013 by a team of service designers and other creatives who have applied their expertise in healthcare, retail and travel to create this best-imaginable experience for our survivors. Now in our fifth year, more than 200 survivors in 20+ cities have benefited from this experience, activated by dedicated local leaders and these select artists. All goods, services and time are donated.

P.ink Day NYC 2015, Trinity Tattoo Collective

Five easy ways to get involved.

  • Cheer our survivors, artists and volunteers all throughout October: follow #pinktattooday on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Bring P.ink Day to your city: all future local leaders must first volunteer at an existing P.ink Day. Contact a local leader P.ink Day Facebook group (listed above) or email us at help@p-ink.org and we’ll connect you. Artists are by invite only.
  • Volunteer: local leaders may need your help. See above for details on connecting to a local P.ink Day.
  • If you think a mastectomy tattoo is for you, we encourage you to contact any of the artists above, or browse our directory of artists at Pinterest. (Due to overwhelming demand, P.ink/P.ink Day is not accepting applications at this time.)
  • Shop our styles: our online shop is at pink.threadless.com. All proceeds help pay for mastectomy tattoos via the P.ink Fund.

P.ink Day Minneapolis 2014, Twilight Tattoo

Another way to participate: give.

We believe healthcare can do more. In addition to creating P.ink Day, We’ve also launched the P.ink Fund, in which we pay top tattoo artists around North America for their best work the other 364 days of the year. Consider making a donation to the P.ink Fund at http://p-ink.org/give.

That’s it. Follow along all October via #pinktattooday. Survivors, artists and local leaders: we look forward to seeing you all month long.

Love, from all of us at P.ink.

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