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Artist Spotlight:

Rachelle Krischan

Rachelle feels incredibly grateful to be involved with and to make a difference in a cancer survivor’s life.

Rachelle Krischan first got involved with Days in 2014 as an artist. She was inspired after seeing a video of a recipient discussing how breast cancer had changed her view of herself, but how she was able to reclaim her body through a mastectomy tattoo. Rachelle wanted to participate in to help other women feel confident and beautiful in their bodies again.

Here’s what Rachelle told us about her experience as a Artist.

Why were you interested in participating in Days?

I was inspired by a video [about a recipient]. It made me realize how physically and emotionally traumatic it can be to have these terrible scars after breast cancer.

How did this process feel different from other tattoos?

This tattoo process is different because you are not working with your average client. As a tattoo artist you know that you’re about to change someone’s view of themselves, which ultimately changes their life.

“It’s not just putting a tattoo on your day-to-day client. It’s about making someone believe in themselves again and bringing their confidence, beauty, strength, and courage back.”

– Rachelle Krischan

How did you feel leading up to the event?

It’s a very exciting feeling. You have butterflies knowing that you are going to make a difference. Everyone is in the best mood and ready for change.

What was your experience like during the event?

You don’t feel a sense of pressure. You feel grateful knowing that you can make an impact in a life and change someone’s view of themselves from something negative to beautiful. It’s a wonderful thing.

How did you feel when you saw your recipient see their tattoo in the mirror for the first time (the reveal)?

I always get butterflies in my stomach because I know that my survivor is going to look in the mirror for the first time in a long time and feel like they know themselves again. You see a shining light – as if the survivor was brought back home again. They feel beautiful and can see themselves. It makes me feel so much warmth in my heart and soul.

How has being involved in Days influenced your work as an artist?

I feel so much passion when I am involved with this. When you hear of a survivor not looking in the mirror for months, it’s hard to imagine the struggle after everything they already went through. I am constantly trying to create more awareness of mastectomy tattoos among clients, other artists, and everyone in my community.

What would you say to another artist or shop owner who may be interested in getting involved with

I think that everyone that has the ability to do this should. Changing someone’s view of what they see in the mirror will change their outlook on life, which will bring more happiness to all. No one deserves this struggle. We can help.

Hear more from Rachelle about her experience as a artist.


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