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Recipient Spotlight:


Eve’s mastectomy tattoo helped her find herself again after breast cancer treatment.

After treatment for breast cancer, Eve found herself constantly trying to cover her scars. She wanted a way to feel proud of her body, to honor herself, and to give herself a badge of courage for everything she’d been through. Her mastectomy tattoo gave her all that and more. Eve was a 2015 Day recipient in Redlands, CA where she was matched with artist Luis Martinez.

We interviewed Eve to learn about her Day experience. 

How did you feel after your mastectomy?

I was always covering up and very self-conscious. Not so much for me, but to protect others from seeing the scars. I lost my confidence and self-esteem, not to mention my femininity. I was hoping to get all of that back by getting a mastectomy tattoo.

What’s the symbolism behind your tattoo?

I wanted to celebrate my scars, not hide them. I wanted a Tree of Life with a woman’s body as the trunk growing into beauty. I am a silly, quirky, older woman who refuses to grow up or die. My chest piece is who I am – it’s Eve. I asked Luis to sign my piece and he hid his name in the branches. 

“I am a silly, quirky, older woman who refuses to grow up or die. My chest piece is who I am – it’s Eve.

– Eve


What was your Day experience like?

Beforehand, I was scared, excited, and apprehensive knowing that this would be with me forever. I wondered if it would give me back what cancer had taken away from me. 

The day of, I had some trepidation. This was a big deal and I wanted it to feel right. As soon as I walked through the doors, I felt loved, celebrated, and cared for. Luis made all my fears go away and the volunteers were amazing.

How did you feel when you first saw your tattoo revealed?

I was in shock and awe and I was speechless, which is huge for me! I saw beauty, strength, and confidence staring back at me. All I could do was hold on to Luis and hug everyone. I knew my transformation had begun.

How has your experience changed your life?

The fight lives on for me. Everyday I look at my tattoo and realize that every day is worth living and to never give up. It is my badge of honor and courage. I try to inspire other women and help them through their cancer journey. Cancer takes so much away from us, but it also gives back to us in so many ways.

What piece of advice would you share with potential future recipients? 

Every time I see someone looking at my chest or they ask me about my tattoo, I lift up my shirt. I am so proud and confident to do that. I want people to know that they should celebrate their scars.

Hear more from Eve about her experience.

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